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On February 22, 2023 David introduced a motion to parliament to set up an Economy & Infrastructure Committee Inquiry into land transfer duty fees (Stamp Duty), and their effects on the housing crisis and housing affordability.

"in the case of housing it seems that we have gotten ourselves into an absurd situation where we are taxing housing to provide housing."

- David Limbrick

"this is actually a very important matter that is relevant to a lot of people."

- Michael Galea MLC, ALP

"The home is where so much of a person’s and a family’s dignity stems from, and it also becomes a base of equity for generations to come, so I thank Mr Limbrick for bringing this motion to the Council"

- Tom McIntosh MLC, ALP

"it should be incumbent on all of us as members of this chamber to do everything we can to improve rates of home ownership, given the many significant benefits for the community, and this inquiry will provide us with a series of important recommendations"

- Dr. Matthew Bach MLC, Liberal

"It is timely that we are considering an inquiry into land transfer duty given it is a reform that is widely considered to be one of the solutions to our housing crisis."

- Dr. Samantha Ratnam MLC, The Greens

Read David's Minority Report, attached to the final report tabled by the Economy & Infrastructure Committee in August 2023.

David's Motion

Media Report

Active Petitions

A collection of active campaigns supported by David Limbrick MP, advocating for change and championing the voices of the people.

Reject New Taxes

The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that the new taxes imposed in the State Budget will have a detrimental effect on the business community and families already struggling with the cost of inflation.

Debt levels in Victoria are unsustainable and will cause enormous damage for future generations to pay. The new taxes will ensure that companies will look to other states with lower taxes to run their businesses.

For a list of all e-petitions available before the Parliament of Victoria

please see the Parliament's e-petition website

Health Legislation (Information Sharing) Bill 2023 Petition

Step into the moment that made history. Watch as David Limbrick, the relentless defender of privacy, presents an e-petition with over 10,000 signatures to the Victorian Parliament. This unprecedented feat comes in response to the controversial Health information sharing bill, a legislation granting health professionals access to all medical history of Victorians, without their consent. The petition calls for an 'opt out' or 'opt in' provision to safeguard individual privacy. Astonishingly, David garners these signatures in less than 72 hours, setting a record that will leave a lasting impact. Witness the passion and determination as David fights for the community's right to protect their private information. Despite facing a government that dismisses the concerns, this is a moment that amplifies the power of people's voices and sets the stage for a continued battle for privacy rights.

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