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A passionate advocate for Liberty

David Limbrick is your only Victorian state representative who was elected on a purely libertarian platform, and the only one who fights consistently for small government and individual liberty. As Libertarian MP for South-Eastern Metropolitan in Victoria’s upper house, he continues to honour his promise to never vote for an increase in taxes or a decrease in liberty.

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David's Story

When David Limbrick delivered his first speech in 2019, he brought good news and bad news:


“For those Victorians who feel over-taxed, over-regulated and are generally just over the way that government interferes with their lives, I bring great news – the libertarians have arrived.


“But for those of you who feel entitled to other people’s money, or who like to meddle in private lives, impose taxes, police thoughts, censor others, or who could be described as nanny statists, champagne socialists, rent seeking fat cats, moral guardians, human red-tape dispensers, or any other variety of authoritarian, I have terrible news - the libertarians have arrived.”


He had no way of knowing at this time that the Victorian Government’s authoritarian response to the pandemic would cause suffering on a massive scale, but David backed up every word through his actions ever since.


He was a rare voice for sanity – for people forced out of work, for kids locked out of school and for all Victorians whose human and democratic rights were trashed.


During the darkest days of the lockdowns, David was arrested at a protest and later temporarily expelled from parliament for standing up for human rights.


David stood up when it counted then, as he stands up every time he sees legislation that impinges on the freedom of Victorians.

Every man who says frankly and fully what he thinks is so far doing a public service.

- John Stuart Mill, "On Liberty"

Maiden Speech
in Parliament

05 February 2019


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